Thursday, 11 June 2009

A dilemma for Nick Griffin: Will He Have to Employ People Who Can't Even Join His Party?

Over at Comment Central, they are considering the dilemma that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will face when employing staff in the European Parliament.

Employment laws mean that when employing researchers, caseworkers and so forth, one can not discriminate between candidates on the ground of race. Unfortunately for the BNP, this is exactly what their membership policy does; so what will be their response?

It will be interesting to watch this over the coming months.


  1. To be fair (which to the BNP is really quite hard to do) - what right minded EU researcher would want to work for them?

  2. Good point. Though I'm sure there will be candidates. Perhaps some mischievous people might apply simply to put Griffin in this dilemma...

  3. Then, of course, he could employ an ethnic minority person to infiltrate the opposition.

  4. It is important to note that the BNP MEPs will be given a very large publicity budget. Around 250k each. There are however rules for the use of this budget, which have been stretched by Labour MEPs in the past, but not quite to breaking point. The advantage for the Conservatives and Labour Party is that they do have Agents who can advise how far these lines can be crossed. The British Nazi Party do not. Therefore it may be worth looking at any literature their MEPs put out. I am sure it will breach a number of rules.

  5. thebigotbasher

    Thanks, that's a good tip. Will keep an eye on that one!