Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What's the Point in this Blog?

On 7th June we learnt that Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, won a seat in the European Parliament representing the North West of England.

The vast majority of people do not support the BNP or their dangerous and divisive policies. The BNP got a lower vote in the 2009 European elections than they did in 2004. Nick Griffin gained a seat because of the collapse in the Labour vote and the low turnout.

To defeat the BNP in future elections will require a variety of strategies, not least of which is to engage with voters on the issues which make the BNP attractive to some voters. But we know from the past that when BNP representatives have been elected they are invariably terrible. There is no reason to believe that Nick Griffin will be any different, and a key part of defeating the BNP in future will be to highlight the failures of them as Councillors and Members of the European Parliament.

This blog is intended, therefore, as a library, an archive, if you like. I am not professing to be the most suitable person to run such a blog, not least because the time I will be able to dedicate to it will, of course, be limited.

So this is not intended to be a personal blog, but a collection of information on what Nick Griffin is doing in his new role and, as such, I would ask and encourage everyone to email me with stories and information relevant to it. I can't gather all this information myself; it will have to be a joint effort or it simply won't work.

Email any information to: griffinwatch1@gmail.com

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